An Evening of Coaching and Empowerment with Nicola Charlotte

An Evening of Coaching and Empowerment with Nicola Charlotte

At SAIA we prioritise female empowerment. And what is more empowering that finding a support group and learning tools and skills to move closer to our goals and turn our vision board into a reality.

This evening we were joined by the incredible Nicola Charlotte, a Business & Mindset Coach and Podcast host who helps ambitious entrepreneurs & soul-led women to grow & scale a freedom based business and build a life they're obsessed with.

It was an incredible opportunity to meet and network with like-minded, ambitious women, whilst learning how to grow the success of your life and career.

In this session our guests learned:

- Nicola's four step-formula to Becoming Happier, Wealthier & More Successful
- Where you're sabotaging your success and game-changing mindset tools to stop that
- How you have the capacity to double (or triple!) your revenue without working harder
- Why your energy is your secret source to greater success 
- Actionable takeaways so you can start making your vision, your reality straight away!

This was an interactive session where our guests learned tools and techniques to implement into their life and business immediately. 

The evening was followed by a social hour of networking, bubbles and canapés.

Our guests left with an accountability partner, a bigger network and a worksheet filled with actions and steps to take to move them closer to their dreams.