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Carrying your yoga mat has never been a more beautiful experience

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Gorgeous, feminine, practical, sustainable - everything a girl could want in a bag. The fact that the pocket at the back is big enough to slide my phone into is a mega win and of course the adjustable straps help to keep the mat neatly in place. Adore it x


I never thought I would enjoy carrying my yoga mat!

Katy B.

The first comment I received about my bag was: "I do not do yoga but it is really tempting to start doing it just for the sake of getting this bag!"


This bag is so beautiful & functional. I wish I had it a long time ago!
The craftsmanship is pristine. I would carry it even without my yoga mat, it is truly that beautiful!
This is a product to feel great about getting.


I got this as a gift for my wife who just finished her yoga teacher training. She said it's the best gift I've ever given her!!! Awesome product!


You can tell when a product is made with love. My new Saia bag is just as perfect as I expected, the details inside and the entire design is beautiful and makes travelling with the mat around the city a pleasure. 


I used to not even bother carrying my yoga mat because it was so inconvenient and annoying to carry around. I am so happy I found this, honestly carrying my mat is such a pleasure now! Hands down best purchase!!


I was treated to a Saia bag as a gift. It is beautifully constructed and is perfect for keeping my hands free to carry my fitness equipment without also wrestling my handbag and yoga mat.


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