Watercolour Painting in Regent's Park

Watercolour Painting in Regent's Park
What a beautiful morning of connection and creativity in Regent’s Park where we celebrated the beauty of imperfection and the joy of continuous learning by painting, leaving behind the pressures of perfection.
This event was not about being an amazing artist or achieving flawless masterpieces; but rather, about finding motivation, enjoying the company of others, and empowering ourselves through the act of letting go. We embarked on a painting journey where mistakes and imperfections became part of our unique expressions. A beautiful day of self-discovery, connection, and inner-growth. Thank you to the beautiful ladies that joined us 🌸🎨
The event was catered by @wearewaveldn.

WAVE was born from the friendship and passion for vegan food. Cait and Soph started together in Camden Market with a specialty cupcake stall, to now having two permanent locations of the WAVE cafes.

WAVE is a proof of how sisterhood, passion and hard work can lead to achieving your biggest dreams. We are so excited to have a female owned business cater for this beautiful event.
Watch recap video here: