Host an event with SAÏA / Brand Partnerships

Are you a wellness brand or individual in the wellness space looking to promote your services or launch a new product? SAÏA can help you!
We host monthly wellness events for women and maintain an active community to ensure your product reaches the right audience.

The SAÏA events are a perfect the opportunity to connect with real life customers. 
All the hassle of booking a venue, connecting with the right audience and getting the right content for social media is over. Leave that with SAÏA. 
Our expertise in this area provides peace of mind and confidence that your promotional event will be successful.
To see a recent example of a promotional event with the brand Jacqueline Organic watch here.
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Frequently asked questions

What type of events do you host?

  • We host our signature SAÏA Brunch Club, a unique event filled with community and connection. This monthly meet-up that features wellness (yoga, pilates or another fitness activity) and delicious food. This gathering is designed for women to come together to enjoy a day of movement and connection and be introduced to exciting new brands in the wellness industry.

    We also host guest speakers, panel talks and workshops. Please get in touch so that we can tailor the event according to your specific needs.

    How many guests attend each event?

    • We keep our events intimate to deliver an exceptional brand experience. Each event hosts on average 20 women.

    What benefits do I receive if I work with you?

    • Organisation of the event, venue liaising and marketing
    • Professional 60s video and photography of the event
    • Dedicated newsletter
    • 4x social media posts and 5 stories
    • 1x Instagram Live with SAÏA London prior to the event
    • Permanent blog post on SAÏA London
    • Exclusivity in the goodie bags 
    • 2x tickets to the event worth £120