Meet the Founder

My name is Cristina, I am an English/Mexican living in London and the founder of SAÏA London
I'm an advocate for female empowerment and I love creating opportunities for connections to happen. I truly believe that when we gather in small groups or create even the smallest moments to connect we create amazing opportunities for ourselves; from friendships to collaborations, businesses and support groups.
My journey with SAÏA started in 2020 when I launched my yoga mats and yoga mat bags.
As part of my plan to showcase the products and promote the brand, I started organising the monthly SAÏA Brunch Club - a way of connecting with customers over a morning of movement and connection with a yoga or pilates class followed by a delicious brunch in a beautiful venue.
I didn't expect what would happen next. Women started commuting from outside London to attend my events and before I knew it a beautiful community of women was forming. All of whom wanted the same thing; a change of scene, a new way to make friends, to get out of the routine and to make time for their physical and mental wellbeing.
Not long after that, the SAÏA Brunch Club became the main focus of SAÏA and the biggest purpose in my work. I embarked on a mission to empower women through community, fitness and mindset and today SAÏA organises a host of different events from dinner parties to a monthly book club and 5k runs in Hyde Park. All of this with the sole purpose of promoting and cultivating sisterhood. I am personally at all the SAÏA events and love giving all my guests a personal welcome. 
And what does SAÏA mean?
SAÏA means 'A Woman Who Wins' and is inspired in a personal story of female empowerment that has influenced me from when I was a young girl.
My great-grandmother, Calandita, a very humble woman that lived and worked on a small farm in Mexico.
When she was old enough, she sold a cow to finance her way out of the farm and into the city in search of better opportunities.
If it wasn’t for my great-grandmother’s courage and self belief, her life would never have changed, but she was determined to change her path by making the most out of what she was given in life.
This mission is very much inspired by everything I have learned from her.