SAÏA Brunch Club at Mortimer House

SAÏA Brunch Club at Mortimer House

Sunday's SAÏA Brunch Club at Mortimer House was pure magic! 🌟 We filled the room with 20 beautiful souls, all brought together by our shared passion for wellness, our openness to new connections, and the desire to nourish our minds and bodies.💖☀️ Laughter and real-life connections were in abundance, making it a day to remember.

Our founder Cristina Yarr led a Dynamic Pilates class that left us feeling energised and motivated ✨

And a huge shoutout to our sponsor, Dome Vitamins. Dome Vitamins are revolutionising the way we approach women's health and nutrition. Their delicious artisanal chocolates are packed with vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to support women's health needs, from boosting iron levels to supporting women during their periods and pregnancies. All our guests received a special product from Dome Vitamins to ensure they have the support they need during every stage of life. 🌼 What a wonderful day it was – filled with love, laughter, and wellness.

Until the next one! 🥂

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