SAÏA Book Club & Afternoon Tea at Petersham Nurseries

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We all try to make time for the things we value most in life, time for our friends, time for our family, time to exercise... Unfortunately for some of us, reading just doesn't make it into our day as often as we would like.
If you are new here, welcome! The SAÏA Book Club is a monthly meet-up to be social and have fun whilst taking that small step to make time for this little pleasure. Book Clubs can be overwhelming, but SAÏA's Book Club is an un-intimidating way to socialise while sharing our biggest takeaways about the book.
This edition we met at in the beautiful garden of Petersham Nurseries just minutes away from Richmond's luxurious parks. The breathtaking floral compositions will be the perfect complement to our monthly book pick discussion: Atomic Habits!

This Month's Book pick: Atomic Habits.
Atomic Habits by James Clear has been chosen because it offers practical and actionable strategies for creating positive and lasting changes in our lives. The book focuses on the power of small habits and how they can lead to remarkable transformations. With a clear and accessible writing style, it empowers us to take control our habits, achieve our goals, and cultivate a life of continuous growth and improvement.
The Menu: an Afternoon Tea focusing on seasonal and organic produce. Ranging from simple delicacies such as the classic Victoria sponge cake, to menu variations accommodating vegan and dairy-free dietary requirements. This Afternoon Tea came with a spectacular flower arrangement presentation, which was beautifully paired with the flavours and colours of the cakes.  
A delicious selection to choose from as you take in the sunshine, floral scents and greenhouses hunts.
As always the SAÏA Book Club is designed so that all our guests get the opportunity to discuss the monthly book pick while connecting with others, in beautiful locations.
Watch the recap of our Garden Afternoon Tea here.