Our Yoga Mat Rental Service in UK

Our Yoga Mat Rental Service in UK

At SAÏA London we love to share real moments in the community with you. Since the beginning of SAÏA we have had the opportunity to live new exciting experiences and have a lot of fun.

But what we have liked the most is being able to meet you, incredible girls, passionate about being better every day, who have inspired us to work hard to provide you with more friendly spaces for coexistence. In each SAÏA Brunch Club and event that we do with love for you, we have been able to get to know you more and the community of powerful women in London has been growing over time.

We now also offer a specialized Yoga Mat Rentals service for all those who wish to hold an event and have a good time.

The benefits of acquiring a mat rental service for your event are:

  • All our mats are delivered sanitized and in great condition to give you a pleasant experience throughout the session.
  • You can rent up to 60 Yoga Mats.
  • You do not have to invest in buying new Yoga Mats.
  • You can either choose from collecting the mats in our North London warehouse (NW3) or choose to get them delivered on the day with a taxi service.           

If you are interested in renting our mats, please get in touch HERE

For urgent rentals, please use this WhatsApp number to get the service ASAP

7444 611 914

 Some brands we have worked with

ON Running, Beyond App, Meggan Grubb, Bluebird, Chameleon, Marylebone Hotel, The Ned Hotel, Free soul, and more...

Check the last events in which our Yoga mats have been for rent in the UK

Sun and Salt Escape Retreat

Free soul

Beyond App

Frequently asked questions

What colour are the mats?

  • We have black mats for hire. We also sell them in other colours at our online shop

What is the minimum number of mats I can order?

  • There is no limit on the number of mats you can hire 

What time will the mats arrive?

  • You can pick up your mats directly at our North London warehouse (NW3) or choose to get them delivered on the day with a taxi service. 

What are the specifications of the mats?

  • Non-slip technology and anti-odour surface
  •   68 x 185cm x 4mm thick - ideal for joint support
  • Made with ethically sourced, premium, all-natural rubber base and PU surface
  • Non-toxic and PVC-free