The Best Yoga Retreats in the UK 2023

The Best Yoga Retreats in the UK 2023

Best Yoga Retreats in the UK 2023

Tired of the routine and hustle and bustle of the city? Do you want to go to a Yoga retreat in the UK, but you don't know which one to go to? Don't worry here, we will help you choose the best Yoga retreat for you. As passionate about Yoga, Yoga Mats, and Yoga Mat Bags, we at SAÏA London have attended many amazing yoga events and retreats in London and at each one, we have had so much fun, met amazing people, and learned more. of Yoga. Here is a list of the best retreats in the UK that we have attended so that you too can learn about them.

Sun& Salt Escapes Retreats

Of all the Yoga retreats on this list, the retreat organised by Sophie Jones has a very special place in our hearts. Sophie works very lovingly to provide her clients with an unforgettable experience every time. Sun&Salt Escapes organises two to three Yoga retreats a year in the UK and Portugal. Your UK Yoga Retreat 2022 is located on the beautiful shores of St. David Pembrokeshire.


In this three-day retreat, you will start each morning with a different exercise routine on the beach, and at the end, you will explore different segments of the coastal path and its best views. After training or before it ends, you always have the option to dive into the sea. One of the details of the Sun&Salt Escapes retreat that we loved the most is that you can relax after swimming in the sea, in a hot tub and sauna with hot water, and also enjoy a 60-minute holistic full-body massage at Menevia Spa.

If you still want to continue with the adventure, you can participate in the different extra activities offered by the retreat. From surf lessons to boat trips. All the food offered in this experience is vegetarian and prepared with natural ingredients to provide your body with the necessary energy. The menu is cooked by the retreat's signature chef, Alissa.

If you live in the UK, you have to allow yourself to live a Yoga retreat at Sun&Salt Escapes and escape the routine for a weekend surrounded by nature, exercising your body, eating healthy, and meeting incredible people. If you decide to embark on this adventure, we recommend you take your SAÏA Yoga Mat Bag with you, since you will have to carry your Yoga Mat all the time on different dates.

Address: Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK

Cost: Starting at £585 per person


Maia Well Co. Retreats

Are you ready to renew your body from the inside out? At MAIA Yoga Retreats you will not only have a time of wellness and self-care, but you will also have the opportunity to escape to the tranquility of the forest while restoring your mind and body with perfected exercise routines and delicious plant-based food.

The MAIA Well Co. firm organises several retreats to luxury destinations abroad and in the UK. This year your London Yoga Retreat 2023 will be located in the welcoming Cotswold Woods. With a beautiful view of the foothills, the Maia Well Co retirement home is ready to pamper you with a luxurious design and finishes and an indoor pool surrounded by 500 acres of forest.


Here you will start the morning with a dynamic Pilates class, led by Zoe-Maia, designed to start with energy, sculpt and stretch the body.

Among the various activities that you can do in this retreat is the vegetable cooking workshop with the renowned chef Lauren, founder of the Plant Academy cooking school, who is also the Chef of the retreat. Calming Gua Sha Workshop, Flower/Wreath Making Workshop, Walks in the Fresh Air of the Cotswolds Countryside, Cozy Movie Night in the Hotel Cinema, and more.

Here you will enjoy plenty of time to relax, unwind and take time for yourself, read a book in front of the beautiful views, swim in the heated pool, relax in front of the fire in the comfortable game rooms or take a walk in the woods. During your stay, you will be provided with mats, class equipment, clean towels, fluffy robes, and Bamford toiletries.

At sunset, you can prepare to sleep relaxed with a restorative routine to relax your body and mind by candlelight.

Let yourself be pampered in this cozy place and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city for a few days. For this retreat, we recommend you pack your SAÏA Success Planner so you can relax writing your ideas while admiring the landscape.

Address: Whittington, UK

Cost: Contact for more information

Balance Retreats

Although this retreat is not exactly located in London, we could not leave it off our list, because it is a wonderful, cozy retreat where you will feel welcome and family at every moment. And its host Cordelia Simpson has worked very hard to make this retreat an unforgettable experience. Cordelia Simpson also organizes retreats in the UK, her last retreat was in A gusto, so don't miss any of her upcoming retreats, we invite you to follow her at @busymumsyoga.  Her retreat located in Italy is scheduled from June 22nd to 27th, 2023, so you have time to reserve your place, but don't take too long because spaces are running out soon.

Escape for a few days from the routine and have fun in this wonderful retreat located in Le Marche - Italy. Also known as "Italy's best-kept secret". This beautiful province located in the middle of the peninsula, is bordered by the Adriatic Sea, golden beaches, and miles of lush mountains. Forget about stress in a cozy accommodation surrounded by beaches and forests and activate your body in this 5-day retreat.


You will start the day in this paradisiacal corner of Italy with a dynamic Yoga routine accompanied by a Pranyama session. The practice will be guided by host Cordelia Simpson. At the end you will enjoy a delicious breakfast, prepared with the best organic ingredients harvested in the area, you will also have the opportunity to taste a wine produced in the same facilities. 

On the first day of the retreat, there is an excursion to one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, the beautiful Lago di Fiastra.

Among the activities, you can do in your relaxing free time, are sunbathing while reading lying on the beach, and relaxing on a long walk through the surrounding fields and vineyards. Or try one of the two swimming pools on the grounds. 

You can also visit the town and restaurants of the nearby ancient village of Penna San Giovanni, that visit is not included in the program, but transportation costs are affordable. To end the day and sleep relaxed a session of restorative Yin/Yoga and meditation awaits you, followed by a comforting dinner.  

The accommodations include a garden view and private bathroom and are cozily furnished with rustic furniture.

Address: Penna San Giovanni MC, Italy

Cost: from £995

Cabilla Cornwall

Get out of the routine and let yourself be pampered in the middle of nature while connecting with your mind and body in this magical retreat in the temperate rainforest of Cornwall Lands. From the moment you arrive at Cabilla Cornwall, the smell of the trees and the sound of the birds immerse you in a piece of land straight out of a fairy tale. It will only be enough for you to arrive at the beautiful cabins located in the middle of an ancient oak forest more than 1,000 years old for you to disconnect from the noise of the city and begin to relax.


The retreats in Cabilla Cornwall are personalised, here you can come with your friends and family to enjoy the different activities that they offer at the times that you prefer. Start the day with a Yoga session surrounded by beautiful trees and the warm morning sun or welcome the sunset with a relaxing Yoga session before bed. Choose from different kinds of nutritious seasonal menus created by private chefs. Enjoy and stroll through its beautiful facilities, a country kitchen, relaxation areas, luxury products from Bramley, and comfortable bathrooms with rain showers. Among the activities you can do are:

Guided visits to the temperate tropical forest that surrounds Cabilla Cornwall where you can meet a beautiful beaver enclosure.

  • Private Yoga classes, Somatic Workshops and Sound Baths.
  • Access to the Spa, massages, and facial treatments.
  • Access to the exclusive Woodland Sauna experience

Connect with the restorative power of nature at this magical retreat deep in the Cornwall Rainforest and don't forget to bring your SAÏA London Yoga Mat with you.

Address: Whittington, UK

Cost: Contact for more information

Combe Grove

The Combe Grove Metabolic Health Retreat is your best option if you are looking for vital reactivation. This retreat promises to benefit your metabolic health based on addressing these five pillars of metabolic wellness: Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Mindset, and Environment. Indulge in this luxurious retreat set in a beautiful Georgian mansion surrounded by 64 acres of countryside.


In this retreat, you can enjoy a week of revitalization while learning to lead a healthier lifestyle that lasts a lifetime. Each day you will have a full daily program of activities such as Yoga, lifestyle workshops, creative workshops, cooking demonstrations, guided walks, and more. The menu for this retreat is designed by nutrition specialists and uses fresh, seasonal ingredients from their kitchen garden.

At Combre Grove you can make use of all its facilities, a gym with innovative equipment, heated pools, saunas, a steam room, four Hydro beds, and tennis courts.

The hardest part is sustaining lifestyle change when you get home. This is why unique from all other health retreats, you will also receive 48 weeks of invaluable online support, accessed through an online portal. This support ranges from delicious recipes with seasonal ingredients, and activities to keep your body moving, to scheduled consultations with our Practice Team

Address: Somerset, United Kingdom

Cost: Contact for more information