Designed with a contemporary and empowered woman in mind, SAÏA is based on a Native American word that means 'A Woman Who Wins' representing a woman who is strong, beautiful and kind.

We believe that within every woman lives the heart of SAÏA and we proudly champion the cause of female empowerment. 

At SAÏA we aspire to a world where girls everywhere, have the opportunity to lead and learn.

Providing marginalised women with education is one of the most powerful steps that can be taken to improve global living standards, tackling poverty, overpopulation, and inequality.

To this end, SAÏA will donate 5% of its profits supporting this beautiful endeavour. 


Educating girls is the best investment we can make to alleviate poverty, reach gender equality, and create a safer world. It has an incredible multiplier effect, providing returns for generations.
Education is not freely available to everyone - and in many parts of the world girls are the first to be excluded from it. Girls are the first to drop out of school, and the first to be failed by the system, facing the perils of early marriage, early pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.
Poverty is the greatest barrier to accessing an education – overcoming this barrier by investing in girls and women is a proven way to improve the health and wealth of entire nations. It's also one of the most effective ways of tackling climate change.
With access to education, women could do amazing things: launch businesses, become health workers, run schools, and lead governments, making the world a better place for everyone.
''Knowledge is power, and when you give a girl an education you are giving her the courage to challenge ideas and the confidence to pursue her dreams.''
- Malala