Ethical Fashion

The fashion industry would simply not exist without the artisans that bring our ideas to life.

At SAÏA, we put our ethics first, every step of the way. And so, it was fundamental for us to work with a factory that aligned with our values.

We pay special attention to their fair practices and we ensure that everyone working with SAÏA is being fairly compensated and have good working conditions.

Until recently, 'Made in China' was a label that many would associate with 'cheap', 'mass production' or 'bad quality'.

Quality was at the forefront of our mind, and we spent over a year looking for the right factory, testing multiples across the world. We were blown away by the supreme quality delivered by our factory, surpassing that of every other competitor.

We could not be prouder to say we make our bags in Guangzhou, China in a wonderful factory who work with a passion for quality and make sure to deliver it every single time.

A very significant part of this journey has been to spend time with our craftsmen, working side by side with them on the design and construction process of our products.

Behind each bag, these talented artisans have been a significant contributor in bringing SAÏA to life.