Our Story

My name is Cristina, I am an English/Mexican yoga enthusiast and animal lover with a background in the fashion industry.

Soon after yoga became a part of my life I started my search for the perfect yoga mat bag, one that would be functional and look beautiful whether I was wearing my yoga leggings or any other outfit.

After searching restlessly for a beautiful product, it became my passion to bridge the gap between fashion and yoga mat bags and bring a product to life that women would love and feel proud to wear.

With my grandma's help who is a seamstress we created the first prototype and SAÏA was born. 

SAÏA means 'A Woman Who Wins' and is inspired in a personal story of female empowerment that has influenced me from when I was a young girl.

My great-grandmother, Calandita, a very humble woman that lived and worked on a small farm.

When she was old enough, she sold a cow to finance her way out of the farm and into the city in search of better opportunities.

If it wasn’t for my great-grandmother’s courage and self belief, her life would never had changed, but she was determined to change her path by making the most out of what she was given in life.

This mission is very much inspired by everything I have learned from her.