The Best Luxury Gyms, Fitness Classes, And Boutique Studios In London 2023

The Best Luxury Gyms, Fitness Classes, And Boutique Studios In London 2023

The COVID period is long gone, and now is the time to get back to a proper fitness routine. Getting into shape is one of the best feelings in the World. However, at the same time, it is easier said than done!

Different people come with different reasons for staying out of shape. Where some blame the lack of time, others cry over the unavailability of a suitable place to work out at! Well, if the latter is your problem and you live in London, you have come to the right place!

Trust me, London has some of the most amazing luxury gyms and boutique studios that offer marvellous services. They don't even motivate you to be there on time every single day but also help you get back in shape quite soon!

Some of the best gyms in London and fitness classes that you should enroll in are as follows: 

1. Equinox 

If you live near Kensington, Equinox is your best choice. It is a hub of socialites, and all the high-maintenance London lads like to choose it when it comes to staying fit.

What makes Equinox so famous amongst its clients is its global reputation. It is not famous only in the UK, but fitness freaks from all across the World know about it in one way or another! Most commonly, it is the luxury it offers to the clients that makes it so popular.

Equinox has top-notch and highly-qualified trainers who actually put their heart and soul into transforming the bodies and lives of their clients. The fitness equipment is top-notch, while the compression therapy area is truly something made of dreams! 

From its super-stylish interior design to its luxurious services and from the eucalyptus towels to the valet laundry, everything is worth trying! 


2. 1Rebel Studio


If aesthetics motivate you to do better, there is no place prettier than 1 Rebel Studio! It is one of the best gyms in London, located at Angel and Holborn, which is known for its classy interior amongst Londoners.

But, mind you, 1 Rebel is not only about beauty. Rather, the range of activities that it offers is worth praising! Its special sessions include reformer, rig, reshape, rumble, and rebel lab. Special instructors for each training ensure that you get some results from the workout session! 

 If you are looking for a gym that offers great discounts, this is the place you should go for. It keeps coming with amazing discount packages and special price plans. 

3. BXR

Started with a single outlet, BXR is not spread across a huge space covering the areas of  Liverpool Street, Marylebone and Canary Wharf through its three gyms. This one is especially for those who believe in hard-core training and don't really compromise on their workout routine.

What sets BXR apart from others is that most of the former champions of various sports choose it for their own workout sessions. If you become a regular there, you are most likely to spot a famous sportsperson casually working out there! 

The build of the gym is also quite unique. For instance, the newest one is the tallest of all the branches with a glass climbing wall that's transparent. This way, while working out, you can amuse yourself with a good view of the skyline! 

If you are into yoga, this fitness space will let you have its regular sessions in complete peace. A special space is designated for yoga, which aids you in awakening your inner spiritual self and enjoying the process completely.

4. UN1T

If you want to dedicate yourself to a fitness class and want to get the best out of it, you definitely need to opt for UN1T. It is a famous place in London, with trainers working to help you meet your goals through their special fitness classes.

Whether you want to go for strength training, conditioning activities or mobility sessions, UN1T will let you do everything with the utmost ease! For each kind of workout, special trainers are available. You can also go for a hybrid plan if you have massive goals to achieve!

What's so special about UN1T is that its philosophy gives equal importance to physical and mental health. Whenever someone is lacking in any of them, the joint effort by the team helps the client recover!

5. Third Space

Located at Esther Anne Place, Third Space offers its clients a wide variety of services. For Londoners, it is a spot that helps them unwind after a long day at work. It has everything from a super luxurious swimming pool to a relaxing steam & sauna and from a rig that functions in a variety of manners to a mind and body studio.

What's even better? You can chill here with your family as well. If you want to have a relaxing time in the Steam And Sauna with your fam-jam, you can surely do so. The boutique offers separate spaces for families and lets them enjoy their privacy! 

The gym at this boutique studio is worth mentioning. It has customised racks, considering the kind of workout you may want to opt for! The Myzone heart-rate connectivity with the cardio activities helps analyse the exercise results efficiently. Apart from this, the swimming pool comes with special ultra-violet filtration technology, which makes it much safer and more convenient for users. 

Want to do some hot yoga to relax your mind and soul in this one of the best boutique gyms London? The third space has designated a special area for this purpose. You can also choose the temperature just according to your need and enjoy it to the fullest! 

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